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I’m Cory Obrien, father of two and a dentist by profession, as you can already gather from the look of the website. I spend the entire day seeing dental problems and thinking to myself it shouldn’t have appeared in the first place.


15 Years of Dental Experience

I'm serving my patients for 15 years and helping them with their dental problems. Dental Pickup Blog is based on information about dental products and their uses.

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Our tips and quick treatments are provided in a comfortable zone

Our Goals

Dental Problem Solutions

With the idea of lowering the rate of dental problems, I decided I should start a blog where I would shove in all the useful knowledge of dentistry I have. Of course, I’ll put it in writing in a way that’s easy for everyone to understand, even for those who do not have a medical background.

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Detailed reviews and buyer guides.

A smile that creates a positive change

You’ll find out what products you should be using and how best to use them so that no serious dental problem arises in the first place. If you’re as scared of a dental chair as most patients are, make sure you don’t have to sit in one. Take good care of your teeth. They deserve good treatment.    

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